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The WB Series Commercial Auto-Off Timers are designed to replace any standard wall switch. This series of energy-efficient mechanical timers do not require electricity to operate. The commercial “brushed metal” look (plastic construction) meets NEC requirements.  In addition, they automatically limit the ON times for fans, lighting, motors, heaters, and other energy consuming loads.

The WE Series Decorator Electronic Auto Shut-Off Timers provide silent operation in time ranges from 5 minutes to 12 hours.

The WE7000 Series In-Wall Timers allow up to 7 ON/OFF events per week. The timer is Incandescent, Fluorescent, CFL and LED compatible.

The WE7100 series Astro In-Wall Timer allows up to 7 ON/OFF events per week, with an astronomic feature that that automatically adjust to sunrise/sunset. The timer also features an auto daylight saving time adjustment, and is single-pole for ease of installation. The timer can replace any standard wall light switch.

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